Innovation Fundi

Find your way in the funding jungle

How can we help you?

 We turn your innovative ideas into funded projects.

Funding strategy

Funding strategy

We help you defining the most adequate funding strategy for your company, taking into account the type of innovation, its development stage, your competences,  your financial capabilities,…

Application management

Once a funding programme is selected, we support you throughout the whole application process. From outlining a project, up to signing the grant agreement upon project approval.

Application management​

How do we work?

  A 4-step process in close collaboration with you:

Identify opportunities

Outline a project

Write an application

Sign the grant agreement

Why us?

We complement your team by bringing in our funding expertise and our previous professional experience from multinational corporations and universities. 

We offer you a close collaboration based on trust and flexibility, adapting to your innovation and your specific company situation. Also, our services are 100% customised with the aim of simplifying your path to soft funding.

If you are developing an innovative product, process or service, contact us to evaluate your funding possibilities!


The team

We are a hard-working, experienced team with complementing capabilities.

Experience, sectors

Different sectors

We have experience from a wide range of sectors (medical, green energy, software development, education, agriculture,…)

Track record

Track record

So far we have helped our clients to raise more than €10M in soft funding.

International, collaboration

International collaboration

We have a well-established international network. We have completed so far 40+ projects with organisations from 12 different countries.

Some of our innovative clients: